What is the QualityAdvantage?

QualityAdvantage provides Quality Management System Support every day, all across the USA.

Our Mission Statement
QualityAdvantage is our association of experienced, creative, enthusiastic quality professionals, committed to building and improving quality systems, while permanently reducing quality costs.

Our Leader
Robert Holm is the President of QualityAdvantage.
Bob started his quality career many years ago as a line inspector in an automotive plant, at age 17. Bob has spent his entire career supporting, creating, implementing, improving, managing and directing quality management systems, in a variety of industries.

Bob is a proud graduate of General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) with a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering, and University of Arkansas with a Masters in Operations Management.

Bob started QualityAdvantage in January, 2000, and has added to the scope and size of the business ever since. QualityAdvantage currently provides

  • QMS Implementation Support, Transition Support, and Integration Support
  • QMS Training, Facilitation and Mentoring, and
  • QMS Internal Audits, and QMS Internal Auditor Training and Mentoring

supporting a wide variety of quality systems standards.

For twenty years, QualityAdvantage has provided QMS Implementation, Training and Auditing Support to meet the needs of hundreds of businesses.

Our QualityAdvantage Partners
QualityAdvantage employs several QualityAdvantage Partners, working from regional offices located across the USA. Our QualityAdvantage Partners average more than 25 years of experience as quality professionals. Bob and the Partners are unmatched in experience, creativity, and enthusiasm!

We are looking for well-qualified quality professionals seeking new opportunities! If you are, please visit our QualityAdvantage Opportunities page. Thank you!

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