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Just trying to determine “where you are, compared to where you need to be” to achieve Quality Management System (QMS) certification or accreditation?

We offer a

  • QMS Management Overview to explain all of the requirements of the ISO-based quality system standard, and how those requirements would apply to your organization. We answer your questions, and we provide recommendations.
  • QMS Compliance Review to provide a clear understanding of “where you are, compared with where you need to be” to achieve QMS compliance, certification or accreditation, to your schedule. We answer your questions, and we provide recommendations.

Seeking Quality Management System (QMS) certification or accreditation?

QualityAdvantage provides QMS Implementation Support, for eight quality system standards.

Simple and effective
Ours is a “hands-on,” roll up your sleeves, no-nonsense approach to simple, effective QMS implementation and training.

To your schedule
– We fully recognize that every successful business employs very busy people, some wearing “more than one hat.”
– We work at your site, and offsite, to minimize the “hands-on” time and effort required by your busy people to achieve certification/accreditation.
– We provide exactly the implementation and training support you need, when you need it, at your pace, not ours.

Our experienced experts
QualityAdvantage has provided QMS Implementation and Training Support to meet the needs of hundreds of businesses.  Our experienced, creative, enthusiastic, QualityAdvantage Partners average more than 25 years experience in the quality profession and more than 10 years working with QualityAdvantage.

All expenses included
– You always know the total cost up front.
– We quote by the project, never “by the hour.” No extra charges ever.
– No annual maintenance fees, no documented information held hostage, no ongoing expenses.

Start to finish
We work with you until you have your certification/accreditation “plaque in the lobby.”

Guaranteed success!
For QMS Implementation Support, and for QMS Transition/Integration Support, and since QualityAdvantage started in 2000, every one of hundreds of clients for nine different quality system standards has “passed” their certification audit / accreditation assessment, as planned. We guarantee your success!

Most of our clients are smaller businesses… let’s get started!
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