Do you and your management team need a clear and concise understanding of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, or any other quality system standard? Need to know how those requirements would apply to your organization?

 Our Quality System Management Overview, offered either onsite or by webconference, provides all the information you need regarding Quality Management System (QMS) implementation, and QMS certification (or accreditation). We speak in terms you can understand… no made-up examples that do not apply to your needs.
The Agenda for our QMS Management Overview includes

  • The Quality Standard — A frank and detailed discussion of the requirements of the quality standard. We provide insight and correct any “misinformation” regarding this standard.
  • Quality Processes – We establish what a “quality process” is, and why they are the foundation of a successful QMS. What is a “procedure,” and what is a “process,” and other good questions are answered.
  • Quality Documents – Often more confusing than they need be, discussion of what they are and why a “big document bureaucracy burden” isn’t necessary for certification (or accreditation)
  • The Certification / Accreditation Process – Tips based on our experience regarding the certification/accreditation process, certification/accreditation bodies, and the certification audit/accreditation assessment
  • Audit Questions – We ask targeted, typical audit questions during the Management Overview, based on your current quality system, and the “mix” of attendees. We don’t always expect answers, but we do promote ample discussion and simple understanding of the new quality standard, and how it would relate to your organization.

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