QualityAdvantage QMS Implementation Support provides your organization with a documented, implemented, internally audited and fully compliant ISO-based Quality Management System (QMS), ready for guaranteed QMS certification (or laboratory accreditation), to your schedule.

Our comprehensive QMS Implementation Support includes:

  • A QMS Management Overview,
  • A QMS Compliance Review,
  • Simple, effective no-nonsense documentation customized to support the new QMS, based on our proven, proprietary Quality Manual, and all necessary support procedures, documents and records
  • Hands-on, QMS implementation and training support, both onsite and offsite, to implement your QMS to your schedule
  • Specific training and mentoring for you, your Quality Manager as applicable, and your management team
  • QMS Implementation Day, normally in six weeks or less
  • Support submitting the application to your certification body (or accreditation body), to your schedule
  • The required QMS Internal Audit, prior to your QMS certification audit
  • Corrective Action/Preventive Action, and Continual Improvement Training
  • Support to resolve internal audit results, and certification audit results
  • Continuing support, until you achieve QMS certification

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