We are especially proud of the QMS Internal Auditors we train and mentor! We are tired of “quality auditors” who have gone to public “internal auditor training,” or “lead auditor training” but don’t know how to audit effectively.

Why is QualityAdvantage QMS Internal Auditor Training your best value? Here’s why…

  • Our proprietary QMS audit methodology is proven effective, and efficient! No one has ever failed our Auditor Certification Exam!
  • We rarely use checklists! Checklists are not required, and they waste time and money.
  • A strong, effective QMS Internal Audit team prevents “backsliding” of your QMS, a common problem among organizations lacking a strong internal quality auditing process. Our “first person” training methods prevent backsliding!
  • Training is often “use it or lose it”…education is knowledge that lasts! We know from experience that adults “learn by doing.” We work with your team “hands-on, with examples directly from your quality management system. No long, boring lectures…
  • Our training, facilitation and mentoring is always at your site.  We customize our training and facilitation to your specific requirements. We use your QMS as the basis for our training, not some boring made-up examples.
  • Our proprietary QMS audit methodology includes a thorough understanding of
    • QMS Internal Audits – what is a quality audit? Why do we do it?
    • The quality standard – a thorough overview of the standard, and what it means
    • Objective evidence – an explanation of the use of quality records and verbal data as basic objective evidence
    • Five Phases of an Audit – understanding, and live simulation of all five phases of an audit, from Audit Planning to Audit Closure
  • Each attendee receives
    • comprehensive reference Guidebook, with a copy of all training exhibits, notes and exercises, theirs to keep
    • If you choose, a certification exam at the end of the training, as proof of training effectiveness, normally an ISO-based QMS requirement.
    • A course completion certificate, suitable for framing, as objective evidence of the training and exam provided, as applicable.

Most importantly, each attendee gains all the knowledge they need to be an excellent QMS Internal Auditor now, and well into the future, reducing your QMS internal audit costs.

QMS Internal Auditor Mentoring

If you choose, we would provide QMS Internal Auditor Training, and then mentor each QMS Internal Auditor as they perform an audit of your entire Quality Management System.

  • After one day of interactive “first person” training, the Audit Team performs an actual, hands-on audit of your Quality Management System, to meet any quality standard requirements, with mentoring from the audit training facilitator(s).
  • This “on-the-job” training is provided immediately after QMS Internal Auditor Training. Auditors practice all phases of a quality management system internal audit, as a natural extension of their training.
  • After training and mentoring, we provide support to the QMS Internal Audit Team to review and accept effective and satisfactory corrective action, preventive action, and continual improvement opportunities, as applicable.

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