QualityAdvantage provides the most practical, value-added PPAP/FMEA Training and Facilitation available. We include automotive customer-specific APQP training and facilitation, as applicable.

We provide onsite PPAP and FMEA training and facilitation to a variety of clients, and to their suppliers. Our training and facilitation supports all current, applicable APQP / PPAP / FMEA requirements of various quality system standards, including, of course, IATF 16949:2016 (ISO/TS 16949:2009), ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2008), and AS9100D (AS9100C).

Because PPAP requirements are normally customer-specific, we work closely with you to tailor our training and facilitation to your customer’s, and your organization’s specific needs.

We train a cross-functional PPAP Team from your organization to develop, implement, and review cost-effective, practical PPAPs, PFMEAs, and DFMEAs.

For maximum effectiveness, we use actual data from your customer, from your organization, and from your suppliers, as applicable. We do not use irrelevant “made-up examples” that do not apply to your needs.

  • We facilitate a DFMEA based on your design criteria, and/or a PFMEA based on your manufacturing process criteria, while training the technical aspects of the PPAP process.
  • Your PPAP Team will learn and understand all eighteen (18) PPAP requirements. We promote significant discussion of all of the elements of a PPAP. It is crucial that your organization and management understand the key role of PPAP in a Quality Management System reducing risk, eliminating waste, and controlling process variation.
  • We mentor one or more team members to facilitate and lead the Team, to meet any future requirements. As necessary, we establish effective norms for the cross-functional team.
  • We facilitate at least one PPAP of your choice, preferably a “family PPAP,” to assure understanding of PPAP methods and requirements.
  • Our training/facilitation includes block diagrams / process flow diagrams, DFMEA and PFMEA as applicable, and Process Control Plans, as applicable.
  • An optional, voluntary exam and training certificate are offered at the end of this training, as proof of training effectiveness, for your certified QMS, as applicable.

Developing an effective PPAP Package is a significant achievement! When we are finished, your organization owns your PPAP process. Doing your first PPAP correctly reaps benefits for years to come.

Want to Build an effective PPAP package? Need a Process Control Plan or Failure Mode Effects Analysis? We’re ready now! Let’s get started…

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